Employee Leasing with Reppo Group: Flexible Solutions for your Company

At Reppo Group, we offer an employee leasing service that provides flexible and effective employment solutions tailored to the rapidly changing needs of your business. Our employee leasing service is ideal for organisations that need temporary employee support without the burden of the traditional employment process.

Hiring employees to work also gives you the opportunity to hire flexibly, in the event of a sudden and unplanned increase in production, while reducing the costs you incur in recruiting and selecting employees, as well as their HR, payroll and administrative services.


Whether you are looking for seasonal workers or are interested in hiring temporary workers year-round, employee leasing generates savings for your business.

Although one of the main advantages of using a staff rental service is the elimination of a significant part of the financial outlay for recruiting and selecting employees, cost reduction is not the only benefit for a company choosing this cooperation model.


The employee leasing service greatly simplifies the employment cost planning process thanks to a clear model of billing for hours worked. An additional advantage of employee leasing is that it secures the legal risk associated with the employment and legalisation of foreigners' work in Poland.


n addition, from the company's point of view, there is also the benefit of being able to classify the costs of hiring temporary employees as an external service rather than a human resources service, as well as the choice of employing employees on short-term or long-term contracts.

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Reppo Group experience


Reppo Group has been providing placement services since 1993, ensuring the employment of valuable and motivated temporary workers in the manufacturing, logistics and service sectors.


Our team of consultants are specialists in recruiting both Polish and Ukrainian candidates, and our extensive network of business partners in Asia gives us the opportunity to source candidates also from countries such as India, Nepal and Thailand.

Monthly settlement in accordance with the employee leasing contract

Comprehensive rental project management

Hiring for hire at Reppo Group agency

Selection and recruitment of personnel to work at the client's site

Signing a staff leasing contract

Analysis of the client's needs and selection of the form of staff hiring

Employee leasing - step by step

Comprehensive service with ongoing support from a project coordinator


From recruiting and screening candidates, to obtaining work legalisation documents, to handling HR and payroll, and arranging transport and accommodation for employees.

Dedicated department for the legalisation of work of foreigners


Knowledge of employee leasing regulations is a guarantee of safe employment of foreign nationals, in accordance with current regulations.

A network of branches throughout Poland and a broad candidate base


Availability of candidates from the local market as well as from abroad, making it possible to recruit up to several hundred employees in a short period of time.

What sets us apart?

High level of order fulfilment and low turnover


The ability to plan staffing and personnel costs in advance allows for effective management of the profitability of projects and assignments.

Employee leasing is not just about savings

What is employee leasing?

Employee leasing, first and foremost, is the ability to respond dynamically to changing staffing needs. In industries characterised by seasonality of work, hiring staff allows for the rapid acquisition of temporary employees during the period of increased production and the smooth reduction of employment during the period of decline, thus offsetting the costs and risks of hiring and dismissing full-time employees. Importantly, by cooperating with a temporary work agency, it guarantees an advantage not only for itself, but also for its seasonal employees. This is because those made redundant are quickly engaged by the agency on other projects with similar responsibilities. This benefits the company's Employer Branding and allows for successful seasonal recruitment in the future.

Employee leasing - hiring employees for companies




Employee leasing

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What We Offer:


  • Access to a Broad Talent Base: We have an extensive network of skilled employees ready to work in a variety of industries and specialisations.

  • Employment Flexibility: Employee leasing allows you to quickly adapt the composition of your workforce to the current needs of your business, whether for seasonal fluctuations, special projects or short-term replacements.

  • Reducing the Administrative Burden: As a legal employer, Reppo Group takes on administrative responsibilities, including payroll, social security, taxes and management of employee records.

  • Cost and Risk Reduction: Employee leasing reduces the costs associated with recruitment and permanent employment, and reduces the risks associated with hiring and firing employees.


  • Support and Advice: our team of experts is always ready to provide support and advice on human resources management issues.