Reppo Group's Labour Legalisation Service: Ensure Legality and Security of Employment


At Reppo Group, we understand that labour legalisation is a key aspect of doing business. That is why we offer a comprehensive labour legalisation service that ensures compliance with labour and immigration laws. Our service is aimed at both employers and employees, ensuring full legality and security of employment.

Work permit for foreigners

Legalisation of employment documents

The process of legalising employment requires the employer to complete a number of formalities, fill in documents and submit them to the relevant authorities. Polish law requires foreigners to obtain the appropriate rights to stay in Poland and a work permit in order to take up legal employment.

The legalisation of residence and work of foreigners is a complex and time-consuming process, which is why we support entrepreneurs in this process by offering the experience of our experts who have been assisting in the legal employment of foreigners in Poland for more than a dozen years. Placing the legalisation process in the hands of the Reppo Group team will allow your company to focus on areas that are key to its development. It is an opportunity for you to retain your best and most trusted employees.

Thanks to the automated registration of statements, we efficiently and quickly handle all the formalities required for foreign workers to take up employment. We carry out the process of legalising employment for citizens of: Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Russia, Moldova, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, the Philippines and many other countries.

Being well versed in the regulations, we always represent the Employer's interest - we adjust the type of documentation obtained for your employees so that they can work for as long as possible.

Constant and efficient communication with your company is supervised by a coordinator who will look after your company from the very beginning until the completion of the legalisation process.

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Business packages

For companies that employ or plan to employ large groups of foreign nationals, we offer a package solution that includes a range of legalisation services provided by a team of national market leaders in cross-border recruitment. This solution ensures that all employment formalities are taken care of on the employer's side, and brings additional benefits for both the foreign workers and the companies that recruit them.

As part of our comprehensive service to companies, we deal with contacts with provincial offices, district authorities and other administrative institutions.

Contacts with local authorities

We support companies in preparing and submitting applications for permanent or temporary residence cards for foreign workers

Work permits

We assist in obtaining type A work permits, under which a foreigner can apply for a visa or extend legal work in Poland.

We offer support in the employment of temporary workers on the basis of a statement of assignment.

Documents and declarations

Legalisation of employment of foreigners

Residence cards




Employee leasing

Labour legalisation services

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Reppo Group's service also gives you the opportunity to open up to the foreign market as a rich source of motivated employees with a low turnover rate - including specialists. Thousands of completed projects (including for major and well-known brands) and a team of more than 30 experts are a guarantee of a comprehensive service for the legalisation of residence and employment of employees for your company.

  • Comprehensive Advice: we offer advice on labour and immigration law, helping employers to understand and comply with all legal requirements.

  • Support in the Legalisation Process: We assist with the entire process of legalising the employment of foreign nationals, including obtaining the necessary work and residence permits.

  • Reducing Legal Risks: We ensure that all employment procedures comply with current legislation, minimising legal risks for your business.

  • Saving Time and Resources: We take over the legalisation of work, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Contact us today to find out more about our labour legalisation services and how we can help your business and employees.