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Reppo Group experience


Reppo Group has been providing placement services since 1993, ensuring the employment of valuable and motivated temporary workers in the manufacturing, logistics and service sectors.

Our team of consultants are specialists in recruiting both Polish and Ukrainian candidates, and our extensive network of business partners in Asia gives us the opportunity to source candidates also from countries such as India, Nepal and Thailand.

  • Provides easy contact at local level
  • Takes care of the details involved in signing the contract
  • Monitors and continuously improves the recruitment process

Project manager

  • Create a database of active and passive candidates
  • Recruit in accordance with Reppo Group standards
  • Verify and recommend candidates

Local recruiters

Who provides the highest quality recruitment process?



  • Coordination of new employee induction

  • Non-employee service

  • Implementing customer best practice in the process



  • Uploading candidates' CVs with a short recommendation note directly to the manager/recruitment coordinator or dedicated system

  • Making an offer to candidates / negotiations

  • Confirmation of the applicant's decision

Preliminary verification


  • Conducting interviews with selected candidates

  • Providing more information about the role and the employer

  • Use of behavioural questions, competence tests, language assessments

  • Checking the motivation, availability and financial expectations of candidates

Acquisition of candidates


  • Using (direct search) methods and an established candidate database

  • Publication of job advertisements through dedicated portals / methods

Roles and expectations


  • To get to know the role in detail and as well as possible

  • Market research and obtaining all information relating to a specific position

  • Scheduling meetings with client representatives (managers, coordinators) to further understand requirements and role specifications

What is the permanent recruitment process like with Reppo Group?

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  • Poland's experienced recruiters have the necessary labour market know-how to guarantee clients the best possible skilled workers available on the market.
    We analyse and monitor the market situation and are able to help the client determine the availability of candidates and salaries for specific positions.
    We manage the recruitment process from sourcing candidates, through arranging meetings at the client's premises to final hiring.
  • We are consistent in our actions and tailor them to effectively plan a recruitment strategy specific to the industry and the job.

Reppo Group competence

Permanent recruitments




Employee leasing

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