By outsourcing production and logistics services:


No need to worry about employees
You reduce costs associated with packaging losses, production waste, etc.
Improve the quality of your services
You increase process efficiency
You gain knowledge of best practice in the market
You pay for real and standardised results

Precise cost planning

Choosing the right business partner to handle the chosen process is crucial. The outsourcer must have the necessary expertise - specialists in managing production lines or logistics processes. He or she should also have experience in attracting and retaining employees.

The outsourcing of production and logistics offered by Reppo Group is not only about management, planning, scheduling and training, it is about responsibility for the result, its quality and its timeliness.

Outsourcing in production and logistics

Cost reduction

Ability to focus on core-business

Saving time and freeing up own resources

Risk mitigation

Possibility of accurate cost planning

Access to professional, state-of-the-art solutions and best practices

Continuous improvement of process efficiency and quality


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Benefits for your company


In the field marketing sector, companies most often outsource tasks related to the operation and development of sales, merchandising, auditing and business analysis processes. By entrusting a selected process to a specialised outsourcing service provider, a company can focus on the processes that are key from a growth perspective, while at the same time ensuring a constant increase in efficiency and the necessary flexibility.

Outsourcing in field marketing

Outsourcing of professional recruitment usually concerns HR and payroll departments, accounting, customer service tasks, IT infrastructure maintenance or recruitment processes.

As part of its business process support, Reppo Group offers its partners experience and expert know-how in:

RPO (recruitment process outsourcing)

Dedicated recruitment

On-Site Hiring

Outsourcing of professional recruitment

Benefits of outsourcing

Process outsourcing is one of the fastest growing business support models today. It allows a company to delegate a part of its processes, tasks or projects to be carried out by a specialised external entity. This makes it possible to secure processes without involving the HR department, as it is the outsourcer who takes care of the recruitment, employment, planning and control of employees' work.

Outsourcing provides an opportunity to increase competitive advantage, thanks to the outsourcing company's constant striving to increase the efficiency and quality of the processes handled. It also reduces the risks associated with operating in an uncertain economic environment - the outsourcing provider is responsible for team building, team performance and flexibility of the employment structure.




Employee leasing

Outsourcing of processes and functions

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